Bandera Oil Tools originated in Venezuela due to the necessity of a group of oil companies to trade their surpluses, therefore focusing our first operations on oil wells in the state of Anzaotegui. Recently we are located in the Faja of the Orinoco and in the Lake of Maracaibo; since we have gained such an excellent reputation among our clients we know are involved in a series of upcoming projects in the Gulf of Paria as well as in Trinidad.

In fact we have penetrated into the Mexican market through our clients in the Burgos project in Reynosa.
One of the main strategies that has sustain the development of Bandera Oil Tools has been the capability to maintain the satisfaction of our clients which represent the major companies worldwide in the area of oil drilling .

Since the beginning of its operation Bandera Oil Tools relays on an excellent human resource that is highly capable and whose vast experience and knowledge of the drilling industry has made it possible for us to become advisers for our clients in order to satisfy such demanding demands like the ones of the drilling community,  since we perfectly understand their needs and the priorities that arises in a business where it is only possible to excel if the correct  recommendations are offered in the opportune moment.

It is as a result of that, that Bandera Oil Tools not only offers products and equipment, but also recommendations and confidence to our clients who give us the opportunity to be apart of their success.