Welcome to Bandera Oil Tools

Bandera Oil Tools is a commercial organization and leader in the market for equipment for the purpose of drilling oil well, this therefore has become one of our main products.

Bandera Oil Tools has a variety of drill bits that today can satisfy the need and requirements of the most important companies in the drilling industry...

Bandera Oil Tools trades the most sophisticated types of drilling bits and manufactures PDC bits according to the specific needs of our clients, thus not only having the opportunity to offer a product, but also advice in times when it is most needed.

The exceptional quality of Bandera Oil Tools drilling bits has allowed them in many of occasions to become one of the suppliers in a place without restrictions for the most important manufactures of bits.

Bandera Oil Tools always seeks the total satisfaction of our clients , in addition it also looks to offer  recommendations for the selling and renting of equipments and tools such as; mud pumps, drill pipes, under reamers, hole openers, BOP’s, casing and tubing these among others.

Bandera Oil Tools actually is involved in a series of upcoming projects in countries such as; Venezuela, Trinidad and Tobago, the United States of America and Mexico

 Projects & Clients
Bandera Oil Tools is presently involved in very important projects in four American countries, each one with its shares of responsibilities ...
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Product Showcase
We carry a complete line of new and surplus drilling bits: PDC, Diamond,Core,Tooth & Insert.
Hole openers, Stabilizers.Monel Drill Collars.Drilling Motors.
Casing, tubing, drill pipe
Hammer Unions and BOP Rentals